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Frequently Asked Questions

How much involvement do you need from me?

You can be involved as little or as much as you feel comfortable.

If you have one of our managed plans, we keep your account and website running and maintained 24/7/365.

What is the difference between the three plans?

The difference between the three plans rests on the amount of storage needed and the expected/observed traffic to your site.

The plan also has a bearing on the type of website we build as part of the annual hosting promotion.

All three plans offer advanced cloud-based hosting with premium features and ample allocation of storage and bandwidth.

A typical website averages 400-600mb of file storage, topping out at around 1gb with email and database. We provide offsite storage for backups that take up extra space.

All the plans offer a fully managed hosting solution which means we do the heavy lifting for you. We keep your account and websites up to date, backed up, and running smoothly.

We also here to act on your request to make any changes or additions.

What kind of custom websites can you build?

We can build any kind of website, but as a baseline, it typically contains 3 to 4 pages. These include:

A home page, about page and contact page.

If you have more information to display, like specific goods or services, you’ll have a fourth page dedicated to that.

The home page is obviously the most important page on the site and many businesses present their offer or service right there.

In the case of a website, more is not necessarily better. The quality of the page copy, content, and design is what’s important.

We can build a high converting, landing page based website, with everything on a single page, including the call to action, company info, contact form, etc.

If you’re on the E-Commerce plan, we’ll build you a fully functioning online store. See the information below.

What kind of site do you build on the E-Commerce plan?

On the E-Commerce plan, we can build fully functioning online stores, with everything you need to sell products online.

This usually includes 4-5 pages of content and any number of product pages.

The store has all the necessary administrative systems on the back end to manage products, orders, and customers.

It includes payment processing, invoicing, and even automated shipping systems if that is a necessary feature.

Your site will have a cutting edge design, geared towards converting visitors and making sales.

It will also have everything you need to enhance conversions, for example, real-time analytics, coupons and promotions, and abandoned cart recovery.

Best of all, other than transaction fees to the payment processor, you won’t incur any additional month to month costs.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?


We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for any plan.

Any website that is paid for in full, and associated files, are the property of the client and can be transferred to another hosting provider.

Any original media or content provided by the client also remains the property of the client.

What do you need from me to build the website?

If you have content you’d like on the site, we give you a simple method to transfer files to us.

This includes images, videos, logos, word documents, pdf’s, etc.

If you have ideas for page copy (text), you can email that to us and we’ll add it to the site.

If you have little or no content to start with, we’ll create that for you, and get your feedback as we progress.

When the work on the website is done, we’ll have you sign off on it, then you can focus on your business online.

How long does it take to complete the website?

The account is set up, provisioned, and foundational site files installed within 24 hrs.

We’re typically ready to start work on the website within 2-3 business days.

That time is usually spent communicating back and forth with you about design and content.

The website creation process takes 2-3 weeks on average, but this depends on external factors, as well as current workload.


How will the website look when it's done?

We have a large variety of styles, layouts, and designs to draw from.

We can also try to imitate designs you’ve seen elsewhere online.

The website is customized to your business and preferences. It’ll be professional and fully functional.

Our goal is to delight your visitors with a site that’s modern, attractive, and user friendly.

What if I want future additions or extra pages later?

We’ll offer you a competitive quote for future work, based on an affordable hourly rate.

If I choose an annual plan am I locked in next year?


You are NOT obligated to renew your hosting plan.

Also, any website we build for you as part of a promotion, for which you pay in full, is yours to keep and can be transferred to other hosting providers.

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