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Uptime Guarantee

With true cloud web hosting, we don’t rely on any one dedicated server. This means your files exist in multiple instances across the server network. If one machine goes down, others take it’s place. This structure keeps you up and running and it’s why we can offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

Advanced Servers

Our hosting plans are deployed on a private cloud that’s blazingly fast. Using SSD drives with no moving parts, and Litespeed Web Server tech, you get speeds of up to 20X traditional hosting. We add enhancements like Maria DB, Cloudflare w/railgun, and more for added performance improvement.

Your tech team

We take the guesswork out of having your business online, and handle the technical side for you, at no extra charge. It’s as simple as choosing a plan and letting us take care of rest. From first steps to the day to day running of your account and website, 365 days a year. We’ll help you set up your business website, monitor and maintain it, and everything else on the way to success.

Dedicated Support

We offer support in all situations, and with the business and E-Commerce hosting plan, you get the white glove treatment and have everything taken care of for you. A truly customer oriented approach. Added to that, with the managed plans, we offer premium features as standard, like free transfer and domain registration, site SSL certificates, daily account backups and more. 


What we do

365 Account Management

Fully Managed Hosting Peace of Mind

Full Hosting Management

It’s like having your own in-house tech team taking care of the details so you don’t have to. Problems are usually dealt with before you even know you had them. Need a new domain or site rolled out? Need a new email address set up? Need website traffic stats? We’ve got you.

Secure Nightly Backups

Your valuable account data is backed up nightly and stored securely. If something goes wrong, it can be restored with a single click. File updates are covered. Changes you make to your sites are protected.

Complete Website Management

There are many moving parts to a modern website that need regular attention. Monitoring site speed, broken links and ensuring you’re optimized for search. Updating theme files, plugins, and much more.


Monthly Hosting Plans

Get Discounted Hosting

With Annual Hosting Plans

Get a website built at a discount

With 12 months of managed hosting

Get any annual hosting plan and we’ll build a state of the art website, customized for your business at a discount.

If you already have a website, we can give you a high-tech upgrade. Here are some of the way you could benefit from a website upgrade:

Some of the Benefits

A Modern Website

A cutting-edge online experience offers many advantages that accumulate over time, often without having to do anything else.

It boosts your company's credibility

It lets you control the narrative, not Yelp

It provides social proof and proof of concept

It builds online presence and enhances reputation

It allows you to showcase your products and services

The moment your professionally optimized website goes up, search engines begin crawling the content and matching it to user queries.

This is the reason for SEO or search engine optimization. It’s not a magic bullet, but a well optimized site reliably draws visitors through online search.

Google has many ways to put your business on the map

New prospects and customers can find you in more ways

Your business can compete against larger companies

Social media importance is fading, the internet is not

Advanced Features

Hosting built for fast, interactive next-gen websites.

Our hosting service is designed for the next generation of websites. We can take your online business to another level with advanced design, features, content, and software. If you have us manage it for you, we’ll keep your site up and running smoothly around the clock.

Optimized for both desktop and mobile, the future of online search

Your files and plugins are fine-tuned for compatibility and usefulness

Site and page speed enhancements are included ensuring fast load times

Multiple layers of security are applied to keep your site and visitors safe

Get google analytics strategies to gain insights about your customers

We keep 15 days of website backups so issues are fixed with a single click

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Peace of Mind Guarantee

We take care of the details, no matter how small, so you can focus on what matters to you. We put customers before profit. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy for any reason, we offer a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee for monthly and annual hosting plans.

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